Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekly Freebies!

OK... I've got a few new things going into my shop this week so check it out...
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My shop link is HERE

My $2 Tuesday is in effect....

Get 'Bravo' for only $2 HERE
Valid until Thurs. May 24th/midnight/EST

But in the meantime here are this weeks 'Share The Memores' FREEBIES!!
Get these Hello Cards by Sunshine Inspired Designs HERE

AND get these Travel Charms by LLL Creations (me!) HERE
(Valid until May 28th)

Have a great week!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Freebies and awesome $1 sale!

Make sure you don't miss this weeks bundle sale.

Get 'Road Trip Bundle' 50% OFF!  AMAZING DEAL!

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AND another amazing weekend sale...

****ALL of my alphabet kits are on for $1**** 
Don't miss this - 2 days only~~ 33 sets to choose from!
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AND ... This freebie is expiring ... pick it up before May 30th!

Get Celebrate Spring Frame HERE

And did you pick up this 'Mom Freebie'?
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Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

See what's up!

There is still time to get Mystery Monday!
Come see what is 50% off today --- don't miss it!
(Valid until Wed. May 17th)

See the Mystery Monday item HERE

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Hey Music Lovers ...

Do you have a concert or a recital to scrap?.  Do you play a musical instrument yourself?

If so check out 'Music Lover Papers' available HERE

So many options and ideas with these papers.

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And this weeks bundle sale is still in effect...

Get ' Boys Zone Bundle' 50% OFF! Amazing deal!

Get Boys Zone Bundle HERE

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And don't miss $2 Tuesday this week!

Get 'Tropical Beach' for only $2
Valid until Thurs. May 18th

Get 'Tropical Beach' HERE

Only a few days left to get this FREEBIE!
"My Mother, My Friend Frame' ... Free from  May 12th - 18th ..don't miss it.

Get this freebie HERE

And pick up this 'Mom FREEBIE' too!
Get this freebie HERE

And here are this weeks 'Share The Memories' FREEBIES!

Get this Bowling Word Art by PrettyJu Scraps freebie  HERE

AND get Magical Princesses Mini by Polka Dot Chicks freebie HERE

(Valid until May 21st)

Have a great week!

Friday, May 12, 2017

New, new and more new!

OK, it's Mother's Day weekend ...

But just before we get to that ... there are a few things ...

If you liked the 'Rustic Charm' series I posted last week, well now it gets even better!.

Rustic Charm now comes in photo books!

3 sizes to choose from12x12, 8.5x11 or 11x8.5.
And ..includes the Rustic Charm kit (Except for the Alpha)

Get 12x12 HERE

Get 8.5x11 HERE

Get 11x8.5 HERE

For use with My Memories Suite. Don't have this amazing scrapbooking program? 

Use promo code: STMMMS29686 and get $10 off immediately

Get My Memories Suite HERE

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Also new are some fun Acrylic Photo Covers ...

Acrylic Photo Covers 1 are available HERE

Acrylic Photo Covers 2 are available HERE

Acrylic Photo Covers 3 are available HERE

These acrylic covers are fun for any style of layout, so check them all out!

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And also new 'All For Mom' .. do a special layout just for her ..

Get 'All For Mom' HERE

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And don't miss this weeks Bundle sale!!!!
Get ' Boys Zone Bundle' 50% OFF! Amazing deal!

Get Boys Zone Bundle HERE

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I have a very special Mothers Day Freebie for you ...

"My Mother, My Friend Frame' ... Free from  May 12th - 18th ..don't miss it.

Get this freebie HERE

And that's not all...
This freebie is also about mom.. so it's called 'Mom Freebie' ..LOL
Get this freebie HERE
(If this freebie is not available when you get here, try again in an hour or so!)

Have a wonderful weekend!