Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day Freebie!

My 'Hugs & Kisses Frame' FREEBIE is now available in my shop!

Get it HERE!

Have a LOVEly Valentines Day~!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Very Special Month!

February is a very special month!   It was my grandsons 4th birthday on February 2nd,  I am Featured Designer at My Memories on February 12th and 13th. The 14th is Valentines day followed by MY birthday on the 15th!

First some new items in my shop!

There have been lots of new items put into my shop since my last blog and I can't show them all but here a few.

My 2015 Date Stamps arrived.  This year you can purchase the black stamps (for light backgrounds), the white stamps (for dark backgrounds) or the 2015 Date Stamps Duo pack!
Get them HERE

There is also a new series called 'Love You Always' ...

Love You Always ... consists of EVERYTHING in the next 4 previews!!!
Get it HERE

And then there are add-on packs that match ...

Love You Always Borders available HERE

 And beautiful large Love You Always Frames available HERE

 And of course, if you want it all there is Love You Always Bundle available HERE
(Best deal!)

And if you like pre-made photobooks check these out. (for use with My Memories Suite)
Each book has 26 PAGES including front and back cover! Just drop in your pictures for a quick book OR add pages for a larger book. You get all the backgrounds & embellishments separately also so you can use them in other projects.  Each book includes the FULL 'Love You Always' kit (not the add-on packs).  Come see all 26 pages in the book...

Love You Always 12x12 Photobook available HERE
Love You Always 8.5x11 Photobook available HERE
Love You Always 11x8.5 Photobook available HERE

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Another series I LOVE are my Ripped Edges series ...

I have 9 different sets  ....
 These fun ripped edges can be used in so many ways! Use one on a page as a border on top, bottom or either side. Use 2 on a page on sides of your choice. Use 3 or 4 and completely frame off your page. Stack them, tilt them, use only in corners and so much more! The limit is your imagination.

Ripped Edges - Paper available HERE

Ripped Edges - Autumn available HERE

Ripped Edges - Sunsets available HERE

 Ripped Edges - Boyish available HERE

Ripped Edges - Girly available HERE

Ripped Edges Floral #1 available HERE

Ripped Edges Floral #2 available HERE

Ripped Edges - Grunge available HERE

 Ripped Edges - Nature available HERE

There are so many ways to use these ripped edges.  See many different layouts examples in the shop.  Here is just one example of a layout ... :)

 Ok, are you sick of seeing new stuff yet?  Because there is lot's more!  There are fun ETERNAL LOVE FRAMES, and fun CLIP JOURNAL NOTES, some LOVE WORD DESIGNS,   and LOVE OVERLAYS,  and you will really LOVE 'WHOLE LOTTA LOVE PAPER PACK'! AND MORE!   But you need to come over to my shop to see them!

And if you want a REALLY, REALLY good reason to come on over to my shop ....
check this out!!!


 To celebrate this special month, I've put 35% off my ENTIRE shop from Feb.12th - Feb. 20th!
EVERYTHING, including new releases and 99 cent items!

And since this is a very special week ....

I've got a fun freebie available ... it will be live in my shop on Feb. 14th and available for a limited time after that for free!

So go to my shop on Feb. 14th or after and get it!
(limited time freebie)

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And if that is not enough ...
If you have been thinking about getting a GREAT Scrapbooking program...
NOW is the time!!!!!
My Memories Suite just keeps getting better and better!!!!
This program deal is only available on sale FEB 14TH AND FEB 15TH!!
Make sure you use my promo code: STMMMS29686
AND make sure you forward me you confirmation email after your purchase so I can give you the extra bonus!!!

Have a great Valentines day and what ever other days you are celebrating this month.
Scrap it ... it's worth it!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Well, it's over.  The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.  Luckily the weather co-operated with us and it was mild over the holidays which was great for all the driving we did.

But ... now... Winter is in full force.  Frigid temperates, snow, the whole shebang!

And just in time for the newest items that are in my shop!

Snowy Winter Clusters ... available HERE

Snowy Winter Scene Clusters ... available HERE

Snowy Winter Borders ... available HERE

Snowy Winter Frames ... available HERE

Snowy Winter Paper Pack ... available HERE

And if you want it all... Snowy Winter Bundle ... available HERE

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And I've got some 99 CENT DEALS going on! 
(More in the shop!)

Christmas Foil Paper Pack ... available HERE  
99 cents for a limited time

Christmas Foil Paper Mix ... available HERE
 99 cents for a limited time

Christmas Frames ... available HERE
 99 cents for a limited time

Christmas Page Frame Overlays ... available HERE
 99 cents for a limited time

Deluxe Christmas Paper Pack ... availabe HERE
99 cents for a limited time

And lots more great sales going on in my shop!

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I've  recently started a newsletter.  If you don't want to miss out, subscribe now!

I sent one out a few days ago, but I am willing to send it out again to any new subcribers that sign up within the next week.  There are tips and tricks, shop info and freebies.  This weeks newsletter has the freebie below! (Newsletters only go out every 2 weeks)

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Have a great day~

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Santa is on his way!

It's a crazy month! As much as the Christmas season is holly and jolly, I'm looking forward to AFTER Christmas for some rest and relaxation!  lol

And for those of you who don't have time to scrap with this busy holiday season... consider quick pages! It`s only recently I`ve starting using them myself.  Sometimes they help so you don`t fall behind on your scrapbooking (or better let, they let you catch up!)  I've got 7 new Christmas sets of 4 in the shop. Ready to go, beautiful and quick!  (Remember, you can still add items to quick pages if you want more embellishments or want to add a personal touch) Check them out!

Winter Blue Christmas QP Set #1 is available HERE

Winter Blue Christmas QP Set #2 is available HERE

Silver Red Christmas QP Set #1 is available HERE

 Silver Red Christmas QP Set #2 is available HERE

Gold & Red Christmas QP Set #1 is available HERE

Gold & Red Christmas QP Set #2 is available HERE

Christmas is 4 Kids QP Set #1 is available HERE

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Also new in the shop are these cute Christmas Stick Pins to dress up your page. 

Get Christmas Stick Pins HERE

And if you want to add a little journaling to your Christmas Layouts ...
Get Christmas Journaling HERE

And here is a layout I did using one of the stick pins and a journal note.
(The words on the page are from 'Christmas Word Bits' available HERE)

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AND ... 
Since I don`t have a lot of time for the rest of the month to put individual things on sale ... 
you reap the benefits!
My ENTIRE SHOP is on sale 35% OFF! 
Everything, including new releases and 99 cent items!
Get to my shop HERE

 And while you are there pick up my latest FREEBIE ...
Baby`s 1st Christmas Ornament is available HERE

 And I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy holiday season spent with those you love ... 
and a glass of wine doesn`t hurt.   :)